Growing International Patent Portfolio

VentriNova’s founder and her colleagues developed the patented technology to utilize the heart’s intrinsic cell division machinery to grow new heart muscle cells after myocardial infarction. This results in a very significant recovery of cardiac contractile function in both small and large animal models. VentriNova holds the license to this technology as the foundation of its expanding international patent portfolio.

VentriNova’s intellectual property is protected via the following:

  • Scientific knowledge- over 12 years of pre-clinical research at Columbia University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine has resulted in a therapeutic strategy that produces unparalleled results across multiple animal models at both the cellular and whole organ level with regards to cardiac regeneration
  • Proprietary use of cyclin A2-driven endogenous side-population stem cells to aid in the cardiac regenerative process
  • Rigorous understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in cardiac regeneration
  • Cutting edge advances in modulating gene expression via epigenetic mechanisms
  • Academic credentials of and growing list of publications by VentriNova’s scientific founder Hina W. Chaudhry, MD in leading scientific journals
  • Legal representation by Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati